Frequently Asked Questions!


Is the Internet required?
Yes. An internet connection is required to play our interactive games.
Is a Smart Speaker required?
Yes, a smart speaker is required. We support the following smart speakers: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen, 4th Gen (coming soon), and 5th Gen (coming soon) devices.
How do I set up my ToyBot?
Simply install your Amazon Echo Dot, enable the Alexa skill, and play.
Is a subscription required?

Product & Content

What does a ToyBot do?
A ToyBot combines new school technology with old school play to help kids learn in a more engaging and interactive way - without screens.
What’s unique about a ToyBot?
Beyond the fact that we don’t need a screen to keep kids engaged, our experiences are specifically designed to help kids build confidence (children often play the role of teacher), provide agency, and strengthen human connections (most games can be played in a group).
What skills does a ToyBot promote?
ToyBots were designed to help kids build language, social, and cognitive skills at the age when they matter most.
What ages is a ToyBot designed for?
We designed ToyBots for kids between the ages of 4 to 9  (and the grown ups that support them). However, ToyBots have been used by children as young as 3 and as old as 93.
Does the ToyBot speak other languages besides English?
Not at this time. However, some games allow children to explore different English accents.
How do I know what games there are?
We have created an Learning Library that allows you to find interactive experiences. We’re constantly adding new experiences. You can find the learning library here.

Care & Support

Is it washable?
Yes. You can wash your ToyBot after opening the zipper and removing everything inside first.
Is there a warranty?
Yes. A ToyBot comes with a 1-year limited warranty for defective parts. Please contact
I have another question. How can I contact you?
Please contact us at

Security & Privacy

Is there a camera?
Is there a screen?
No way!
How do you protect data?
We are COPPA compliant and do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) as part of any of our interactive experiences. You can find our Privacy Policy below.
Privacy Policy